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String Quartet and String Trio hire

Manchester & UK wide


Jewish wedding music

The Endymion String Quartet is also one of the few UK string quartets to have music available for Jewish Weddings and Events. Music plays an important part in the Jewish wedding ceremony or (Chuppah) and we can provide songs for the entrance of the bride ('Baruch Haba' or 'Eschet Chayil' for example) and for the recessional ( 'Mazel Tov' is a favourite). 

The Endymion String Quartet can also play for as guests arrive, for the reception and wedding party or any other part of the event you choose. We are also able to travel further afield to areas such as London or Birmingham.

Jewish Music Songlist


Al Kol Ele

Bashana Haba

Chorshat Ha'ekaliptus (the eucalyptus grove)

Dodi Li (my beloved is mine) Listen

Erev Ba

Erev Shel Shoshanim (evening of roses)

Eschet Chayil

Hassidic Nigun wedding march

Jerusalem of Gold

K'var Achare Chatsot (past midnight)

Y'did Nefesh (beloved of the soul)


Mazel Tov Listen

Od Yishoma

Siman Tov

Other Popular Songs

Bei Mir Bist Du Shayn

Bo'ee B'shalom (Yaakiv shwekey version)

Chanukah O Chanukah

Dodi Li (Scher)

Dona Dona

Eishes Chayil (Yaakiv shwekey version)

Eli Eli(my god my god)

En Kelohenu

Freylach Zayn-fast klezmer style

Hakotel (The western wall)

Hatikvah - Jewish National Anthem

Hava Nagila Listen

Hevenu Shalom Alechem

Hitragut (In quiet mood)

K'Shoshana Ben HaChochim (Lily among thorns )

Mayim Mayim

Oif'n Weyg (By The Wayside Stands a Tree )

Ose Shalom

Rock of Ages



Uru Achim

Vezakeini (Baruch Levine)

Fiddler on the roof

Sunset sunrise

If I were a rich man


Freylach Zayn-fast klezmer style


Russian Scher


Al Hanisim


I have a dreydl

Ma?oz Tur

Who can retell


Jewish music video